Social Commentary

The Reason I Write…

I am the interviewer, and I’m going to interview myself.  My name is Lee, by the way…

Why do you write this blog?

I like to write.  

Why did you name the blog, Quiet With A Lot to Say?”

I am a quiet person.  But, I have a lot of thoughts and opinions going on in my head.  So, that makes me a quiet person with a lot to say.  Hence, the title of this blog. 

Don’t you have people to talk to?

Yes, but there is so much more  I want to say–so much more I have to say.  I get it out, but not enough…

What do you discuss in your writing?

It’s sort of any which way the wind blows.  I will discuss anything that I find interesting and/or important.  

I just write about stuff that pops into my head–serious stuff and silly stuff.

Are you looking for a following?

Not necessarily.  But, it would be nice to have some comments now and then. I simply like to write, and I like to share my writing. 

If you didn’t call your blog Quiet With A Lot to Say, what else would you have named your blog?

I might have named it All Over The Place or Any Which Way the Wind Blows.


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