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Barbara Walter’s Interview With Oprah Winfrey

In Entertainment on December 11, 2010 at 10:24 am


Being the fan that I am, there isn’t much I don’t know about Oprah Winfrey.  Besides, Oprah has been an open book.  But, in case you missed it, here are some main points from her interview with Barbara Walters which aired earlier this week: 

  • Oprah is not a lesbian.
  • Oprah loves Gayle King, her best friend, very much.
  • Oprah loves Stedman Graham, her beau, very much.
  • Oprah is not particularly close to her parents, but she sees to it that all of their needs are met.
  • Oprah is quickly nearing her last showing of The Oprah Winfrey Show.
  • Oprah is very proud of the school which she started in Africa; Soon, the first class of students will graduate and many are looking to attend college in The United States.
  • Once the Oprah Winfrey Show ends, Oprah will have OWN, her own network, to keep her busy.
  • Oprah wants God to use her up until He can’t use her anymore.

My take: If anybody has a chance of being labeled as a person who has achieved self-actualization, Oprah Winfrey will certainly be that person.  She truly is living life to her fullest potential by giving as much–if not more than–as she gets.


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