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“Santa, may I have an eReader for Christmas?”

In reflectons on November 30, 2010 at 2:51 pm

I guess I can be considered a low level—perhaps a very low level—techie.  I use a computer (obviously), I have a cell phone, and I play video games on the Wii every now and then.  I never send text messages, though; I figure I’d rather talk than text.  Often, I find myself yearning for the days of yesteryear—when there was no Facebook, Twitter, or iPhones. 

So, I was surprised when I started becoming interested in those eReaders, last week.  What triggered my interest?  If I remember right, my interest was piqued when I landed on QVC during one of my channel scans. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve known about the eReader for some time.  But, now, I see them advertised, all over the place, in those good old, seasonal circulars.  More recently, one of the magazines that I read had a comparison of the “various” eReaders.  I just can’t escape. 

So, you know what I’m thinking?  Christmas is coming, and I have a birthday coming up, too.  Maybe, I’ll ask Santa (perhaps, my hubby) for one of those fancy, wireless reading devices

But, it’s not that simple.  I don’t—more like can’t—make decisions easily.  I’ll just have to ponder over it for a while.   

Prior to my becoming intrigued by the eReaders, I was pretty adamant that I would never buy one of those things.  Why?  I love to read.  I love visiting the local library.  I love bookstores.  There’s just something exhilarating about being able to use my fingers to browse through the pages of a magazine or the newest bestseller. 

With all of the bookstores, unfortunately, closing across the country, I feel a bit guilty for even entertaining the thought of an eReader.  But, if I do end up with an eReader, I will plan to keep visiting bookstores, too.  Yeah, that’s the deal I’ll make with myself…


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