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Some things will never make sense to me…

In reflectons on November 28, 2010 at 11:27 am

Some things (people, places, events, etc.) have just never made sense to me.  The following is not a comprehensive list.  But, here is a list of rhetorical questions and comments about stuff that just boggles my brain…I’m sure I’ll be adding to it.

1. Sarah Palin

 2. Current Immigration Laws

 3. The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Rule

 4. The fact that The Color Purple didn’t win any Oscars (No one ever talks about the big winner of that year, boring Out of Africa).

 5. George W. Bush having served as President for two terms.

 6.  Why are convicted child molesters/rapists allowed to ever walk the face of the earth? If they are never released, they can never harm children again.

7.  Why are inner city schools allowed to continuously fail? 

8. Why was crack/cocaine allowed to destroy African-American neighborhoods and families  in the 80’s?

9.  Why hasn’t the government banned cigarettes from being sold in stores?

10.  Why are dangerous pesticides, additives, and antibiotics  allowed in our food supply?

11.  Why don’t women get more time off from work after giving birth? 

12. Why were American jobs ever allowed to be taken over seas.  Now, we don’t have any jobs.

13.  Why is it so expensive to receive a college education?

14.  Why is that I’ll call customer service (i.e. about my computer, etc.) and I’ll be told that the person I’m speaking to is “Eric”?  But, Eric’s accent is so thick that I become extremely frustrated because I cannot understand…


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