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And, The Winner Is…Jennifer Grey.

In Entertainment on November 24, 2010 at 4:30 pm



I just love my DVR, especially when watching my shows like Dancing With the Stars—that DVR lets me cut right to the important stuff.  Last night, I skimmed through the two DWS shows that aired this week.  I just loved seeing Kyle jammin’ to Tootsie Roll, the perfect song for his personality.   

Then I got down to business, watching the grand finale.  I intentionally set the DVR, so I could rush past all of the commercials and so forth. 

Although I, along with so many others, say that Brandy was robbed of the finals, I was pleased with the results.  It went as I had predicted with Jennifer coming in as the winner, Kyle coming in at second place, and Bristol coming in at third place.  Had Brandy still been in the race, there certainly would have been a bit more nail-biting, anticipation.  But, hey…It was good enough.

As I watched the three finalists accept their places in DWS history, I got a little teary.  They [contestants and their partners] all worked so hard, and they achieved so much in different ways. 

Although Jennifer has danced and danced well (i.e. Dirty Dancing), she had some health issues to contend with, and she’s no spring chicken—I can’t believe she’s 50 with that body; you go girl!  But, she worked hard and persevered to win the big prize.  Charismatic Kyle started off with a lot to learn, and he ultimately became a good dancer.  I just love his exuberant personality.  That Bristol…I think she’s cute.  In all fairness, she improved drastically, and didn’t let haters—like the man who shot his television when she made it to the finals—get in her way.   And, I can’t leave out Ms. Brandy.  All I can say is that she’s a class act, indeed—very poised and elegant.    

In the past, I had never watched DWS with any level of seriousness.  I decided to watch this season—I didn’t watch every show, but I watched enough to be in the know—because I was a fan of Jennifer’s iconic character, Baby;  I grew up watching Brandy on T.V. and listening to her music; and, I had seen Kyle on a few shows.      

So, now I ask the question: Will I watch the next season of DWS?  Well, it depends on the talent…These guys will be a hard act to follow.


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