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Phaedra Parks of The Housewives of Atlanta is Too Funny!

In Entertainment on November 22, 2010 at 4:18 pm


I had been patiently waiting to hear the deal about Phaedra Parks, the attorney on HWOA—she seemed to be “all confusing” about her due date.  Based on Parks’ comments, I knew—along with the other ATL ladies—that she had to be lying about her time of conception.  Turns out that she, obviously, got knocked up prior to marrying her hubby, Apollo.  Big deal, right? People have been getting knocked up before marriage since the beginning of time.

It’s just amazing that someone [Phaedra] could feel comfortable telling such a doozie, especially on  national television.  Parks claimed to be seven months pregnant, but her good old doctor let it be known that she was more like 40 weeks or full term. Can I just say this was totally hilarious to watch; Doc let the beans out right in front of Kandi and Phaedra’s mother, and her mother didn’t say anything.

Prior to delivering her bundle of joy, Phaedra told Kandi that “babies before marriage” weren’t allowed in her family.  Her mother nodded on that one.  But, moms didn’t say anything when doc set the record straight.  Surely, moms knew that her daughter had a bun in the oven before walking down the aisle.  So, according to mom’s rules, there are no babies before marriage.  But, I guess it’s okay to lie and lie big…Go figure?        

As I laughed and fussed about Phaedra’s obvious lie, my hubby said, “She is a lawyer.”   

Well, Phaedra is certainly funny.  I’ll be tuning in to see how she’ll top that whopper-of-a-story!


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