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Would you rather work for a man or a woman?

In poll on November 19, 2010 at 9:43 am


Yesterday, I was talking to a social worker at the beauty shop.  With my being a former teacher, you know where the conversation quickly turned—to the schools.

The social worker told me how much she liked the charter school that she had chosen for her son.  The teachers are engaging, and her son is excited about going to school. 

She was, initially, impressed by the number of male teachers/administrators at the school.  In her eyes, that meant more structure and better discipline.

During my ten years teaching in an inner city school, I feel there were too many female administrators.  They were too soft—hard (in the wrong way) on staff, but soft on students. 

Prior to teaching, I had a few male bosses.  I must say, my experiences were better with male bosses than female bosses.  With all things being equal (mentally, emotionally, etc.), I would choose a male boss over a female boss.         

Question:  Would you rather have a female or male boss?  


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