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Just say, “No” to the kids. It won’t hurt them.

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We should, as parents, do whatever is in our power to ensure that our children have healthy self-esteems.  As the song goes, Children are our future, and we want them to grow up to be great leaders, decision makers, and productive members of society. 

But, it seems that today’s kids aren’t being told, “No” enough.  It seems that, as a whole, today’s kids aren’t receiving a proper amount of guidance and discipline.

Why do I say this?

*Talk to any teacher of an inner city school district and ask the question, “What is the hardest part of your job?”  Nine times out of ten you will be told that the behavior of the students is the most difficult part of the job.  It could be one “out of control” kid causing all of the trouble or it could be the majority of the students in the classroom acting in an uncontrollable manner.  And where does the discipline start? It starts at home.  But, obviously, it has stopped in many homes.

*Then, this week, the topic of discussion on several shows was about the little boy whose mother allowed her child (son) to dress up as Daphne, of Scooby Doo fame, for Halloween.  As I said in response to this lady’s blog: “Although I wouldn’t allow my son to dress as a female character, I commend you for following your mind by allowing your son to dress as he wanted for Halloween.”

Okay, it was Halloween…But, is it okay for little boys to dress up as princesses whenever they want to do so? I think not.  I’m with you Sherri Shepherd; I don’t want to walk into a supermarket and see a boy dressed as a princess.  And, for those who see that as being homophobic, it has nothing to do with homosexuality.  It has to do with the fact that boys are boys—gay or straight–and should not be walking around looking like little girls.  So, just say, “No.”  

*And what about the obese children?  They may not want to exercise and they may want an extra helping of whatever, but as the parent, you have to just say, “No.”  As a result of giving kids everything they want and desire, we are looking at a crazy epidemic: Diabetes. 

I could go on, but I’ll stop here…for now.


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