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“Santa, may I have an eReader for Christmas?”

In reflectons on November 30, 2010 at 2:51 pm

I guess I can be considered a low level—perhaps a very low level—techie.  I use a computer (obviously), I have a cell phone, and I play video games on the Wii every now and then.  I never send text messages, though; I figure I’d rather talk than text.  Often, I find myself yearning for the days of yesteryear—when there was no Facebook, Twitter, or iPhones. 

So, I was surprised when I started becoming interested in those eReaders, last week.  What triggered my interest?  If I remember right, my interest was piqued when I landed on QVC during one of my channel scans. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve known about the eReader for some time.  But, now, I see them advertised, all over the place, in those good old, seasonal circulars.  More recently, one of the magazines that I read had a comparison of the “various” eReaders.  I just can’t escape. 

So, you know what I’m thinking?  Christmas is coming, and I have a birthday coming up, too.  Maybe, I’ll ask Santa (perhaps, my hubby) for one of those fancy, wireless reading devices

But, it’s not that simple.  I don’t—more like can’t—make decisions easily.  I’ll just have to ponder over it for a while.   

Prior to my becoming intrigued by the eReaders, I was pretty adamant that I would never buy one of those things.  Why?  I love to read.  I love visiting the local library.  I love bookstores.  There’s just something exhilarating about being able to use my fingers to browse through the pages of a magazine or the newest bestseller. 

With all of the bookstores, unfortunately, closing across the country, I feel a bit guilty for even entertaining the thought of an eReader.  But, if I do end up with an eReader, I will plan to keep visiting bookstores, too.  Yeah, that’s the deal I’ll make with myself…


My Gratitude of the Day…

In gratitude, reflectons on November 29, 2010 at 4:21 pm

Speaking of Oprah Winfrey on my last post, I am going to try to regularly write about and/or think about things for which I am grateful–a practice that Oprah often suggests.

Today, I had to call a customer service number for some help with an issue.  Prior to the call, I experienced a little anxiety.  In the past, I have had some issues understanding representatives at this particular place of business. 

But, I was pleasantly pleased when the representative was so helpful, and I could understand everything he said.  I said, “Thank you, Jesus,” when I got off of the phone.

Informational Television Shows That I Really Enjoy…

In Entertainment on November 29, 2010 at 3:55 pm

1. The Oprah Winfrey Show

What can I say…I am going to truly miss The Oprah Winfrey Show.  I’ve been watching since I was 12–wow!  She and her staff have introduced us to so many books, people, and ideas over the years, and for that I am grateful.  Not to mention, Ms. Winfrey has brought Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, and so many other experts–medical, financial, spiritual, etc.–into our lives as well.   

2. The Dr. Oz Show

I like Dr. Oz’s charismatic approach to health and wellness.  He guides us on how to become healthier–through healthy eating and exercise.  I love his visual demonstrations and his personal approach to making us aware of things we need to do (i.e. getting a colonoscopy) in order to prevent health issues and to maintain good health.

3. PBS

What a wealth of information! I enjoy The Tavis Smiley Show, shows that promote health and wellness (i.e. programs featuring Wayne Dyer and Brenda Watson), and a wide range of other shows.  More recently, I’ve been enjoying shows that focus on women’s health and Diabetes.

Some things will never make sense to me…

In reflectons on November 28, 2010 at 11:27 am

Some things (people, places, events, etc.) have just never made sense to me.  The following is not a comprehensive list.  But, here is a list of rhetorical questions and comments about stuff that just boggles my brain…I’m sure I’ll be adding to it.

1. Sarah Palin

 2. Current Immigration Laws

 3. The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Rule

 4. The fact that The Color Purple didn’t win any Oscars (No one ever talks about the big winner of that year, boring Out of Africa).

 5. George W. Bush having served as President for two terms.

 6.  Why are convicted child molesters/rapists allowed to ever walk the face of the earth? If they are never released, they can never harm children again.

7.  Why are inner city schools allowed to continuously fail? 

8. Why was crack/cocaine allowed to destroy African-American neighborhoods and families  in the 80’s?

9.  Why hasn’t the government banned cigarettes from being sold in stores?

10.  Why are dangerous pesticides, additives, and antibiotics  allowed in our food supply?

11.  Why don’t women get more time off from work after giving birth? 

12. Why were American jobs ever allowed to be taken over seas.  Now, we don’t have any jobs.

13.  Why is it so expensive to receive a college education?

14.  Why is that I’ll call customer service (i.e. about my computer, etc.) and I’ll be told that the person I’m speaking to is “Eric”?  But, Eric’s accent is so thick that I become extremely frustrated because I cannot understand…

Happy Thanksgiving!

In Uncategorized on November 25, 2010 at 2:09 pm

President’s Response To Sarah Palin’s Comment

In Politically Speaking on November 24, 2010 at 4:56 pm


On The View, Barbara Walters has been talking about her upcoming (Friday) special with President and Mrs. Obama.  I saw an excerpt of the interview in which Walters has asked President Obama if he thinks Sarah Palin could have a chance at winning against him in 2012 (Palin seems to think she can win the race).  At first, The Prez didn’t want to answer the question…He’s so diplomatic.  But after Walters sort of pressured him into an answer, he coolly said, “I don’t think about Sarah Palin.”  Good answer, President Obama!

And, The Winner Is…Jennifer Grey.

In Entertainment on November 24, 2010 at 4:30 pm



I just love my DVR, especially when watching my shows like Dancing With the Stars—that DVR lets me cut right to the important stuff.  Last night, I skimmed through the two DWS shows that aired this week.  I just loved seeing Kyle jammin’ to Tootsie Roll, the perfect song for his personality.   

Then I got down to business, watching the grand finale.  I intentionally set the DVR, so I could rush past all of the commercials and so forth. 

Although I, along with so many others, say that Brandy was robbed of the finals, I was pleased with the results.  It went as I had predicted with Jennifer coming in as the winner, Kyle coming in at second place, and Bristol coming in at third place.  Had Brandy still been in the race, there certainly would have been a bit more nail-biting, anticipation.  But, hey…It was good enough.

As I watched the three finalists accept their places in DWS history, I got a little teary.  They [contestants and their partners] all worked so hard, and they achieved so much in different ways. 

Although Jennifer has danced and danced well (i.e. Dirty Dancing), she had some health issues to contend with, and she’s no spring chicken—I can’t believe she’s 50 with that body; you go girl!  But, she worked hard and persevered to win the big prize.  Charismatic Kyle started off with a lot to learn, and he ultimately became a good dancer.  I just love his exuberant personality.  That Bristol…I think she’s cute.  In all fairness, she improved drastically, and didn’t let haters—like the man who shot his television when she made it to the finals—get in her way.   And, I can’t leave out Ms. Brandy.  All I can say is that she’s a class act, indeed—very poised and elegant.    

In the past, I had never watched DWS with any level of seriousness.  I decided to watch this season—I didn’t watch every show, but I watched enough to be in the know—because I was a fan of Jennifer’s iconic character, Baby;  I grew up watching Brandy on T.V. and listening to her music; and, I had seen Kyle on a few shows.      

So, now I ask the question: Will I watch the next season of DWS?  Well, it depends on the talent…These guys will be a hard act to follow.

So, Palin Thinks She Can Dance With President Obama…

In Politically Speaking, Uncategorized on November 22, 2010 at 8:26 pm


Sarah Palin says that she thinks she can beat President Obama in the 2012 election.  As much as I would like to say that this would be an impossible feat, Palin cannot be dismissed…    

Here are some reasons why Palin might be able to pull off the election:

She’s popular

Whether or not you like her politics , you must admit that everyone knows her name (The theme from Cheers is playing in my head).

She is one hot Momma Grizzly. 

Going along with popularity, Palin is very visible.

 She does have a successful book and reality television show.  And, we can’t forget about the buzz–ala Dancing With The Stars— that has been caused by her daughter, Bristol- the- Pistol- Palin.

She did rally behind those ever faithful Tea Party people; they’re loyal to a fault.

She’s personably folksy.

She appeals to the self-proclaimed, ultra moralistic crowd.

(Remember how the evangelical vote helped to push G.W. Bush into the winners circle).

She might be boning up on her history in order to appear more well versed during future debates and interviews.

She could win the “history making” vote.

 It’s possible that some people will vote for her simply because of her female status.    

Personally, I don’t dislike Palin as a person.  But,I just don’t think she has the interest of common folk in mind–as is the case with many Repubs and Tea Partiers.  I just hope and pray that Palin won’t run in the first place.  Then again, I could use some of Tina Fey’s brilliant comedy.

Kim Zolciak of The Housewives of Atlanta is Pregnant…

In Entertainment on November 22, 2010 at 5:11 pm

I’m confused…Yesterday on Watch What Happens Live, Kim Zolciak of The Housewives of Atlanta told host Andy Cohen that she isn’t pregnant—clearing up apparent rumors that she is with child.  

Then, lo and behold, I see that she is pregnant with Atlanta Falcon Kroy Biermann’s baby—last week’s airing of HWOA showed how the couple met.  For more, visit:

Phaedra Parks of The Housewives of Atlanta is Too Funny!

In Entertainment on November 22, 2010 at 4:18 pm


I had been patiently waiting to hear the deal about Phaedra Parks, the attorney on HWOA—she seemed to be “all confusing” about her due date.  Based on Parks’ comments, I knew—along with the other ATL ladies—that she had to be lying about her time of conception.  Turns out that she, obviously, got knocked up prior to marrying her hubby, Apollo.  Big deal, right? People have been getting knocked up before marriage since the beginning of time.

It’s just amazing that someone [Phaedra] could feel comfortable telling such a doozie, especially on  national television.  Parks claimed to be seven months pregnant, but her good old doctor let it be known that she was more like 40 weeks or full term. Can I just say this was totally hilarious to watch; Doc let the beans out right in front of Kandi and Phaedra’s mother, and her mother didn’t say anything.

Prior to delivering her bundle of joy, Phaedra told Kandi that “babies before marriage” weren’t allowed in her family.  Her mother nodded on that one.  But, moms didn’t say anything when doc set the record straight.  Surely, moms knew that her daughter had a bun in the oven before walking down the aisle.  So, according to mom’s rules, there are no babies before marriage.  But, I guess it’s okay to lie and lie big…Go figure?        

As I laughed and fussed about Phaedra’s obvious lie, my hubby said, “She is a lawyer.”   

Well, Phaedra is certainly funny.  I’ll be tuning in to see how she’ll top that whopper-of-a-story!

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