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I Say “No” to Proposition 19

In In the News, Politically Speaking on October 26, 2010 at 10:40 pm


I’ve been hearing a little bit about Proposition 19—passage on November 2 would legalize marijuana usage in California.

In my opinion, all states should allow medicinal marijuana.  If it were legal in my state, I would entertain the thought of using it for my Cervical Dystonia, a neurological disorder which causes me bouts of horrific pain and spasms.

But, I do not support legalizing marijuana in general.  I know a few people who are “weed heads” and it’s not a pretty sight. I do believe that habitual use of marijuana may cause some damage to brain cells; this theory is based on those above mentioned “weed heads” with whom I am familiar.

 I wish there could be a sign on top of all cars telling whether or not a person is drunk or high.  But, since there isn’t , I figure it’s best to keep marijuana illegal and simply hope and pray to avoid people who are high—especially those on the road, doctors, pilots, etc.


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