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“Teach” with Tony Danza–A new reality show on A&E

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Tony Danza of Taxi and Who’s the Boss fame is now in a reality show called Teach.  Danza has signed on to teach a 10th grade English class at Philadelphia’s Northeast High School.

When I first saw Danza on The Oprah Winfrey Show discussing his new show, I wondered about his motives.  I wondered if he was trying to jump-start his career, as he hasn’t been on television in quite some time.

I sat down on Friday night and watched an episode of Teach on A&E.  As a former teacher, Danza’s show stirred up so many emotions within me.  I now have faith that Danza really cares about teaching these students.  He is, obviously, going through what all of us teachers have gone through—frustration, doubt, sadness, etc.

With so much “teacher bashing” going on these days, it’s good to see a show that truthfully depicts some of what is going on in the classrooms of today.  In his classroom, Danza has special needs students, an extremely moody/unmotivated student, and a student who feels that he isn’t being challenged enough. 

It’s not all fun and games.  Teachers must juggle a lot.  Classrooms across America are packed with students who have a variety of academic abilities and emotional issues.  So, teachers must be much more than teachers.  They must serve as social workers, psychologists, parents, motivators, and they wear many other hats as well.        

Now, I am looking forward to other reality programs which will show the real, real deal: 

A Teacher of 30 Third Graders starring a teacher whose classroom has three students who have been labeled as having Attention Deficit Disorder, one student has uncontrollable bursts of anger, and one student is obviously being neglected, coming to school dirty and hungry.  We won’t even give away the worst of the worst.  You’ll have to watch and see the drama unfold.

A Principal From Hell showcases what it’s like to work for a boss who lives to make the lives of her teachers a living hell.  If you think Cruella Deville is nasty, watch how Mrs. Williams finds joy in making one teacher cry…on a daily basis.  And, don’t even think about complaining to “the higher ups.”  That’ll get you nowhere, teach.

I have several more sitcom/reality show ideas, but, for the sake of space, I’ll stop…

Don’t get me wrong, there are rewards to teaching.  I’m sure that you’ve heard teachers say how rewarding it is to mold young minds.  That’s true.  If a teacher could go to work and do what they were trained to do everyday—to teach—life would be gravy.  But, there is so much more to it than just teaching. 

Take a ride with Danza and see the ups and downs of teaching.  While the show is entertaining, Danza gives a very authentically emotional depiction of what teachers deal with each day.       

 For more info about Teach, please visit the following sites:

(interesting respones to Mr. Danza being in the classroom)


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