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Who Would You Choose?

In Just For Fun on October 2, 2010 at 2:56 pm

Writing Prompt:  If you were stuck on an island and could pick three people from three professions which types of people would you pick to live with you on the island? 

My response…

If I were stuck on an island, I would choose a pastor, a comedian, and a doctor.   

Why a pastor?

I would choose a pastor because I know that I would need some spiritual encouragement.  Ideally, I would choose a pastor like the upbeat Joel Osteen.  I would need to be around someone who has a “the glass is half full” outlook on life.

Why a doctor?

Being stuck on an island, the likelihood of needing some medical attention is great.  I wouldn’t want just any doctor.  I’d want a doctor who is a jack-of-all trades, so to speak.  Preferably, I would want a talented ER doctor or a trauma specialist…someone who could make a crude medical device out of sticks and stones. 

Why a comedian?

Laughter is good for the psyche.  So, I would want a “nice” comic like Ellen DeGeneres to be around to keep everything light.  They would be welcome on the island as long as they were “on” all of the time.

Who would you choose to be on the island?


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